I've enjoyed going to Big Bend National Park many times since 1980 and am always waiting to go back.

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March, 2012 March, 2012 Mule Ears Trek, Pine Canyon, River Road, and Gravel Pit Hot Springs
January, 2011 January, 2011 The Big Bend Ultra! Our Family's first 10k! Plus, Slickrock, Stillwell, and the Tornillo Hoodoos!
note: work in progress
October, 2010 October, 2010 Wow, what an amazing trip of discoveries! Neville Springs Grave, Crouton Springs Pictograms, Swirl Tinaja, and the scree fields above Cattail Falls. It was such an adventure! Plus, we renewed our every-ten-years family portrait!
note: work in progress
March, 2010 March, 2010 Banta Shut-in, in which we through-hike to La Noria (bobcat sighting!), find the petrified tree, and spend our first night ever camping at Stillwell Ranch. It's neat there because you can have a campfire and really spread out the tents. It was Mom's birthday, too!
note: work in progress
July, 2009 July, 2009 Fourth of July in the Chisos. This year, we spent a night at the Pinnacles site and got soaked :( Our consolation prize was spotting a bear on the Pinnacles trail. Also included hiking up Mt. Emory (my first time).
November, 2008 November, 2008 Thanksgiving in the Basin. Neat hikes included a stroll down Cottonwood Creek and a bushwhack eastward from Grapevine Hills across the desert,
April, 2008 April, 2008 Backpacking "Up & Over" to Blue Creek Ranch, finding the Cattail Dam (mountain lion sighting!), exploring Homer Wilson Ranch, Burro Mesa Pouroff, and Santa Elena. A busy trip!
November, 2006 November, 2006 Thanksgiving at the Cottages, including lots of bear & cub sightings along the Green Gulch Road. Also a hike in Apache Canyon and a walk to Ward Springs.
April, 2006 April, 2006 exploring the Old Ore Road and an overnight hike to Chimneys. Includes a trek to Red Ass Spring.
July, 2005 July, 2005 Fourth of July in Cottage #103. Lots of rain & lightning, and a power outage. When the lights came on in the middle of the night, we were all jolted awake!
October, 2004 October, 2004 my sister and I went together for a long weekend. It was an adventure! We saw Indian Head for the first time. Neat!
November, 2003 November, 2003 my whole family decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in one of the cottages. My mom and I made Thanksgiving dinner in Dallas (well, she did most of the cooking) and we packed it up in Tupperware and hauled it out to the desert. It was GREAT.
March, 2003 March, 2003 my father, mother, and younger brother took a trip down the River Road. I flew to Midland and they drove from Dallas to pick me up. It was a short trip but was very relaxing, with surprises around every corner.
July, 2002July, 2002 we all decided to go to the Park for the Fourth of July. Mom, Dad, and Nathan drove out to Midland and picked up me and my sister. Tom drove his new truck and brought Jeannine and Jordan. We had such a special trip!
February, 2002February, 2002 my mother, younger brother and sister went backpacking. I flew to Midland and they drove from Dallas to pick me up. It was cold this trip and windy but we took it as a special challenge and had fun anyway!
May, 2001May, 2001 everyone but my big brother met in Midland, TX and drove into the park on a Friday night. We camped in the basin in two tents, and Dad slept in the truck. Although we were only there for two-and-a-half days, we managed to have a week's worth of fun!
July, 2000July, 2000 my family all met up and stayed in one of the historic stone cottages in the basin of the Chisos mountains. This was the first time that any of us had stayed in a cottage and we were assigned #103, the cottage with the best view. The cottage was extremely nice, with a big stone porch, beds and a hot shower!
April, 2000April, 2000 I went with my mother, sister and younger brother on a backpacking trip up to the South Rim. We spent two nights at SW2, primitive camping and really had a good time.

I hope to go back very very soon!

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