Fourth of July in the Chisos

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  Mark and I each flew in to Midland and were swept into the Suburban with Mom, Dad, Ronna, and Nathan for the final push to Big Bend. It was a great ride on a sunny day and we were welcomed by a rainbow as we neared the park entrance. We've had rain every time we've been to Big Bend for the Fourth of July and we could see by the darkening clouds that this year would not be an exception.
  Along the way, we stopped at Johnny's for burritos. Mmmmm, so good! We all found something that made us happy for breakfast/lunch. We grabbed a few last-minute groceries and were on our way.

Ronna had reserved two stone cottages for us and Tom arranged for us to have #103, our favorite, while his family was next door in 102. The cottage felt like home and we quickly unloaded our gear. We were excited to be back in Big Bend and could hardly sleep that night. We got up early and hit the Lost Mine Trail and even had time to explore what we named "Bear Gully" - the bridges underneath Green Gulch Road where there are often bear sightings. Sadly, we didn't see any that day, but I had some friendly deer say "hello" to me on the Lost Mine Trail.

Next day: Emory Peak, Pinnacles Campsite, Boot Canyon and Castolon Fun.

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