In April, 2000, my mom, sister, and younger brother went backpacking in Big Bend. We camped up on the South Rim and had a wonderful time!
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Mom and Nathan drove from Dallas and met Ronna and I at the Midland Airport. The drive in to the park from there was a great time, as always and we listened to country music on the cd-player. We camped the first night in the Basin and slept under the stars, four across. A skunk came around about 3am to make sure that we were comfortable and we were afraid he was going to try to get in Nathan's sleeping bag to get warm. But he didn't. It was kind of hard to sleep after that!

The next day we went to Panther Junction and discussed our plans with the rangers there. We reserved backpacking camp site SW2 since most of the South Rim was closed for the Peregrine falcon mating season. Then we packed up our backpacks, filled our water bottles and headed uphill to Laguna Meadows. We talked and rested on the way, taking it easy on ourselves. It was a terrific hike, with no deadlines, no clocks, nothing but the sun moving across the sky and the birds cheering us on.

View of Casa Grande
from Laguna Meadows trail

Hiking boot adjustment

The cactii were all in bloom and we saw one beautiful bunch after another. We had lunch at Laguna Meadows and looked down on the Basin from there. Then we went onward, to the South Rim trail. Our camp was very nice, with long soft grass. We cooked in a bare spot and slept by the trees. Ronna made a rice, chicken and cheese casserole for dinner, which tasted great! The first night was a nervous one as we all wondered if wildcats were going to come around. But we were so tired that they probably could have curled up right by us. Mom was safe from snakes, of course, with her rope around her sleeping bag.

Home, sweet home

pretty yellow!

We hiked to Boot Springs along the Colima Trail the next day. We tried to walk quietly so that Nathan could spot a Colima Warbler and Mom could see a bear but we didn't see either along the way. There was water at Boot Springs and I filtered some to take back to camp. We got back to camp and took naps before dinner. Ronna made pizza for us. Then we took a final walk to see the sunset. It had been a fabulous day!

Napping in the soft grass

A great end to a great day

Reluctantly, we bid farewell to SW2 and headed back to the Basin. We talked and talked and hiked and hiked. The hot weather felt great and we snacked along the way. We saw even more beautiful cactii.


Watch your step here

Ronna and I had lunch at the Lodge to celebrate our first backpacking trip. We hope to take many more! The sunset at the Window was spectacular as always! Sadly, though, we had to pile in the car and head back our "real" lives.

Goodbye, Big Bend!

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