Thanksgiving in Big Bend in November, 2008

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  Once again, our family collected itself from all over the country to celebrate Thanksgiving in Big Bend National Park. I flew to Dallas and helped Mom pack up the Thanksgiving dinner she had cooked and put in containers in the freezer. We picked up Nathan and Fatou VERY early that morning and hit the highway in the trusty Suburban. Ronna and Mark flew to El Paso and met Mark's parents, who drove from Kenab. It gets confusing remembering where we all travel from! One thing is for sure: it's a long trip for us all. Tom's family met up with us on the road and we all played musical vehicles, chatting and laughing for hundreds of miles. We had so much catching up to do!
  We stopped at the Gage in Marathon for a brief respite from the road, and admired the porch with its comfortable furniture and giant cactii. But then it was back into the cars and onward, onward!

Instead of staying in the stone cottages this trip, we opted for rooms in the motel and were quite pleased with them. The beds were comfortable, the view from the balcony looked right out the Window, and we had no trouble setting up our Thanksgiving buffet. Dad took charge of the stove and boiled potatoes etc. while everyone else produced their contributions and took turns microwaving. We had many chefs this trip, but all got along just fine in the 'kitchen'.

We had quite a feast! We took a drive the next day to see the flood damage near Santa Elena Canyon and were amazed. The roads were passable, but the sand that was built up at the sides was so fine that it must have come from the Rio Grande River bottom. What a mess this was! We were careful not to pull too far off the road and get stuck in the sand.

Next day: Walking Cottonwood Creek and Bushwhacking from Grapevine Hills

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