Camping in Bryce Canyon, June, 2004

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Early Friday morning, Al and I flew from Seattle to Salt Lake City. Ronna picked us up at the airport with Mark's camper all packed and ready to go. We stopped to get Mark from work and hit the road for Bryce Canyon! We stopped for lunch and to pick up some more Doubleshots (can't have too many, you know!) and five hours later we arrived at the park entrance.

Overall view of our hikes
(red dotted lines)
We were so excited to be in beautiful Bryce Canyon. After a quick stop at the Visitor's Center, we found our reserved camp site in the North Campground. It turned out to be a perfect campground because it was near a shuttle stop and had access to the Rim Trail. Bryce Canyon encourages its visitors to park their vehicles and take the shuttle bus to the overlooks and trailheads. I didn't think that would be a popular option for folks but most of the time, the buses were more than half-full so I guess people are catching on to the whole pollution thing.

Al is happy with his coffee

Ronna is happy with her map

Mark is happy with Ronna ;)
I have so many more pictures to show a hike elevation profile for pictures from that hike:

Wall Street/Queen's Garden Loop

Bryce Point to Inspiration Point

Rim Trail to Fairyland Trailhead

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