Camping in Bryce Canyon, June, 2004

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Elevation profile of our
hike from Bryce Point
to Inspiration Point

One happy couple

Another happy couple!

Wow...just WOW

After we finished the Wall Street/Queen's Garden loop, we took a few minutes to look at the old lodge and then took the shuttle back to the Visitor's Center and crossed the street to our campsite. We had a good lunch and then struck out again, this time taking the shuttle down to Bryce Point and hiking back to Inspiration Point from there (about a mile) to hear the 2:30pm Ranger talk about the geology of the canyon (and how it's not really a canyon, but you don't want to hear that song). From there we got back on the shuttle. Al and I had ice cream bars at the store and Ronna and Mark went back to the campsite to drop off stuff and meet us for the 5pm Ranger talk at Sunrise Point. Al and I decided to take naps instead of going to the talk. By then we were pretty tuckered. Bryce Canyon's altitude is 8,000 feet and Al and I were constantly out of breath, being from Sea Level. But no one got altitude sickness so that's lucky.
We saw lots of deer, hawks, finches, robins, blue jays, and chipmunks in the park. We didn't feed any of them.

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