Cheryl's Odyssey 2002

As with all journeys, this odyssey began with the first step - getting me out of the house! I had one month to travel, think, and relax. How would I spend my days?
After much running around, planning, worrying and fretting, I finally departed Seattle on Wednesday, August 28th. Al helped me pack the truck the night before and ran TONS of last-minute errands for me. I couldn't have done this trip without his support! I got up early on Wednesday and took off as quietly as possible so as to avoid a prolonged goodbye. Even so, I had Al, Tiffy and Zombie waving goodbye to me from the porch as I drove away. Al made a cd of traveling music for me so I slipped it in headed East on I-90.
I turned south onto I-97 and drove through most of Oregon that day. The first night I stopped at Lakeview, OR and stayed at the Red Rock Motel. I was lonely that first night, but so excited to be getting to Burning Man!

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