Day Hike up to Goat Lake in August, 2003

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On her way to Walla Walla to visit Aunt Helen, Mom stopped in Seattle and we spent a day hiking up to Goat Lake, in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. It was a beautiful hike, with great weather and wonderful views. We hiked up the hill (4+ miles) via an old logging road and saw a great big woodpecker along the way. The hike was easy going until we got within a half-mile of the lake and then it got very steep! We were quite ready to get to the top and eat our lunches. The lake was great, though, and we rested on the shore teasing a chipmunk for a long time. The water was peaceful and the sun warm on our tired legs. But soon we had to turn around and head down the mountain! We took the trail back to the truck, which was 4.5 miles and tricky at times. The inclines were at greater angles so we were careful where we stepped. We talked and laughed and the time just flew by. It was a hot afternoon and we took the long way home to enjoy the countryside even more. Mom pointed out all the kayaks strapped to cars as they left Seattle while I tried to concentrate on driving ;) We met Al and Lin for much-deserved tacos and margaritas that evening. All in all, it was one of my favorite days!

Not a breeze!

Mom takes a break

Soft green grass

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