Biking, Dining, and Relaxing by the McKenzie River, September 2009

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Al and I decided to take a long weekend getaway along the McKenzie River. I had been eyeing the mountain biking trail that runs along the river as it is 26 miles long and has a variety of technical levels. Since I had been riding my mountain bike and getting up my courage to try some single-track, this seemed like the perfect place to see what it would be like.

We ended up having a lovely, romantic, and fun-filled time along the river. There were covered bridges to explore, lakes, waterfalls, delicious food, terrific bike trails, and always the rushing, hypnotic sound of the mighty McKenzie. We rented a cabin right on the shore and although it was small, it was well-equipped and we thoroughly every minute we spent there.

In the mornings, we'd make coffee in our little kitchen and watch the ducks glide past on the current. Then we'd ride our bicycles about a miles to a cafe that served up a wonderful breakfast. Afternoons we divided between dropping me off and picking me up on the single-track and doing some sightseeing along Clear Lake. We rested in the deck chairs in the evenings and watched the birds swoop for insects. It really was paradise. We're very excited to go back, and soon!

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