The Whole Family at the Coral Sands in March, 2009

I've loaded our photos in Snapfish, for convenience. Here are: You don't need to sign up for an account to view them. Enjoy!

Al and I were so excited to be able to invite my family to stay with us in fabulous Palm Springs at the historic Coral Sands Inn! It was a long weekend, but it went by much too quickly. We swam, laughed, ate, and played with Ruby's dogs at the Sands and explored a little bit of Joshua Tree National Park, too!

Joshua Tree was fantastic and we got to hike back to the 29 Palms Oasis, encountering a wonderful desert tortoise along the way, as well as taking time to explore the old dam and admire the hummingbirds. The boulders and cactii were amazing, as was the viewpoint over the Salton Sea.

One afternoon, we took the tram to the top of the San Jacinto mountains and admired the view from there. We were surprised to find about four inches of snow there, when the temperature was nearly 90 on the desert floor. We had a great time playing in the snow and checking out the ranger station where I hope to begin my Pacific Crest Trail hike in the next few years.

It was great to get to share this special place with my family after all these years of raving about it. I hope we can do this again sometime - the invitation is always open!

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