Hiking the Eagle Creek Trail with Ronna and Mark, August, 2009

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Ronna and Mark came to visit in August and we had such a great time! We cycled in Forest Park, picked blackberries, ate delicious tapas at Lolo, and, best of all, took time to hike some of the Eagle Creek Trail. We didn't hike all the way back to Tunnel Falls because I had no idea how cool they were, but you can bet that we will do so next time!

it's a steep dropoff

Mark in the lead!

soft hiking trail = nice

moss gardens at
Punchbowl Falls

Because we went on a weekday and got an early start, we had the trail to ourselves for most of the day. It was great, since we had time to really enjoy Punchbowl Falls and wade in the water alone. The dripping water from the moss gardens were hypnotic and we could have spent the whole day there. But our privacy was soon compromised by other hikers. Time to move on!

loooooong waterfall

Cheryl & Mark at
Punchbowl Falls

a babbling brook

Ronna & Mark at
Punchbow Falls

We lingered a long time at Four Mile Bridge (actually called "Four and a Half Mile Bridge" but since it's technically at the four-mile marker, we use the name that's shorter & more correct) and enjoyed the sunshine, the breeze, and the birds swooping low over the water to catch bugs. Who would ever want to leave such an idyllic spot?

Four Mile Bridge

Cheryl hunting for

Mark getting lunch

I am really not sure
what I'm doing here!

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