Cascade Pass to Stehekin, August, 2005

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Thursday night, Lin, Rick, Eva, and I drove to Lin's parents' house on Camano Island. Our plan was to have a quick dinner and hit the sack early so that we could get on the trail to Cascade Pass by 9am Friday. Liz, Lin's mom, got us up bright and early Saturday morning and we were all excited for the trip ahead of us. Liz had been looking forward to this trip for three years and had made all the arrangements for everyone. The plan was for Carl to drop us all off at the end of Cascade River Road where we would hike up over Cascade Pass and down into the valley beyond. We'd camp at Cottonwood Campground the first night and then trek in to the Cascade Valley Lodge the second night. On Sunday, we'd go the final 9 miles into Stehekin, WA and catch the ferry that traverses the length of Lake Chelan in to Chelan, WA, where Carl, Lin's dad , would meet us to drive us back to Seattle. The weather was great and the forecast clear so we were looking forward to it!

GPS track

Tying our shoes...

Bring it on!

Carl thinks we're nuts
I took so many pictures that I've split the trip into three pages, one for each day. Enjoy!

Day One: the
adventure begins

Day Two: Cottonwood
to the Lodge

Day Three: Stehekin
to Chelan

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