Riding with Lin, Greg, and Tim near Lake Wenatchee/Fish Lake in April, 2005

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The purpose of this trip was to convert Tim to a dirt-bike rider. Prior to this, he'd done some gravel road and green-laning, but we aimed to make a full believer out of him. Laura generously donated her DRZ400 to the cause so we had plenty of bikes for everyone. On Saturday, Lin, Greg, and I set out in the morning before Tim arrived. We started out with some wild stuff that we weren't anticipating, including a creek crossing that we all crashed on and had to push each other's bikes up the other side. What a mess that was! Later on, when Tim got his camp set up, Lin and Tim hit the dirt roads with Tim on the 400 and Lin on her 250. They had a blast and Tim started to get his 'dirt' feet. Greg and I hit the green trail so he could get the feel of his new 2-stroke bike. We regrouped and had dinner at camp and then we all piled into Tim's 1948 Chevy and drove to 'town', actually just to the camp store about 10 miles away. But it was fun bouncing along in the back seat and we all had a good time. It rained hard that night but by late morning had stopped. The weather held out after that and didn't rain on us anymore until the final drive home. To get Tim ready for muddy trails, I put him through some drills at a nearby meadow. It was also my chance to get to know Laura's bike as Tim had my 250 for the day. So we set out with me on the DRZ400 and Tim on the DRZ250 - off we went to hit the single-track! And, no surprise to us, Tim loved it! We had a great two days of riding around and everyone fell a couple of times, but no one was hurt so that's a good trip!

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