Day-tripping with Lin, Greg, and his pals at Taneum in June, 2005

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Greg, Lin, Hakan, Cam, and I set out on rainy Saturday morning to explore the Taneum trails. Greg has been there several times before but this was me and Lin's first time. I picked Lin up at 7:30am and we drove to Greg's house. He had already gotten my motorcycle trailer and picked up our bikes the night before so we were good to go! The sun started shining as soon as we hit Cle Elum so our spirits lifted considerably. We met up with the other guys at the staging area and got our gear on as fast as we could. Then we all set out, with me and Lin at the rear. The trails were very nicely groomed and we had a great time that morning. No one got their butt kicked until this one uphill, right-handed dog leg that took down Greg, Lin, and then me. By the time we got to Windy Pass, we were pretty exhausted from muscling the bikes around that bend. I fell a couple more times but no one was hurt. Greg's pals had to get back to Seattle so they left us at the Pass. The three of us then continued on around, up and over, on and on having a wonderful day. We went up pretty high and the views were terrific. At one point, though, Lin and I realized it was snowing on us (!) so we didn't stop often as you get cold when you stop. Greg's bike overheated but he had plenty of water with him so we all made it down the mountains in fine form and good spirits. What a great day that was! Thanks, Greg, for introducing us to another terrific riding area! And didn't those chocolate milkshakes at the Cottage Cafe taste GREAT?!?
photo credits: Most of these pictures were taken by Greg's pal, Hakan, and are used by permission. I'm very grateful to him for letting me use them on this site. The map-photo is by Greg. A couple of pictures are by Lin. Thanks everyone!!

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