Fancy-camping at Tyax Mountain Resort in beautiful British Columbia, August, 2004

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Betcha they're looking at maps!
      Ged invited a bunch of folks to come and enjoy the wonders of British Columbia in August. A bunch of people showed up, including Lin, Laura, Jonathon, and some other friends of Ged's. Lin and I trailered our 250's and Jonathon's 400 across the border and found our way north to Tyax. The drive was gorgeous, the weather was hot and the sun was unobstructed by clouds. At one point in the truck, the outside thermometer read 105 degrees Farenheit. Whoa! We rolled down the windows, popped in "Wish You Were Here" and made some tracks to Tyax Mountain Resort.

Ged was there already, Jonathan arrived shortly afterwards, and Laura arrived the next day. We quickly claimed sites, pitched tents, and located the outhouses. Okay, got the bases covered, we're all set. The camping there was on the pricey side, but each site had running water and electricity. Not bad! We also drove into Gold Bridge and bought groceries, gas, and beer. What a cool little town.
The first day, Ged took us up a great trail to an alpine meadow. He and Jonathon proceeded to climb a rocky ravine and explore the mountain's ridge but my little bike couldn't carry me up it. Lin and I relaxed in the sunshine and admired the view. Next day, we took Laura back up there. Every day we swam in the lake during the heat of the afternoon (upper 90's, I'm guessing) and then suited up for another ride. There's a trail that goes around the lake which is fun, too. Easy, but still entertaining. The evenings were spent around the campfile, joking and laughing with new and old friends. We really had a special time and Ged was a perfect host. He has a sweet bike, too, I must say: a KTM 450 EXC. Wow. I'm taking it for a spin next year!
A grizzly kept coming into camp and Jonathon did his best to scare it away with rocks. If it continues to come into the campground, the owners of the land will be able to legally shoot it. That would be such a shame. The resort owner was nice enough, I suppose, but the mechanic was our favorite. When Lin's dual-sport battery died, he put it on his charger in his shop (they rent ATV's there so have a great shop). And when it wouldn't hold a charge, he loaned Lin a regular battery from his stash. We rigged a way for her to carry it in her tail pack by running wires from under the seat. It worked like a charm.

Lin's on her way

...zoom zoom!

Here comes Laura...

...arrives in style

Go no further,
young Mafalda

Rest stop view

serene B.C.

home sweet home
During the following days, we set out exploring. We checked out the lakes near Tyax and the hills behind Gold Bridge. My favorite ride, though, was up to the Taylor Basin Resort, which was just an old, delapidated, prospector's cabin in the mountains. Getting there was half the fun, although I'm sure glad Jonathon clued us in to the short cut up the ATV trail. That creek bed was tough going! We rested at the cabin for a while before returning to camp. There are bunk beds in the cabin and anyone is welcome to stay there. There's firewood and it looks pretty sturdy. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Taylor Basin Resort

stream by the cabin

perfect, but no

see the game trail?

view from the road

our swimming hole

watch out for ATVs

peaceful lake

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