Michael got a dual-sport bike this week: a Suzuki DR650 and he was just itching to ride it...
...so Lin and I took him up to USFS 41 outside Granite Falls, WA and we played around all day. This is the road that Lin and I rode last year when it was so snowy so we were curious to get all the way up it this year. We got to Tupso Pass, where the road abruptly dead-ended into a bush! I think we rode about 80 miles off-road that day.
The weather was cool and Lin and I got pretty drenched as we rode out to Michael's house. But spirits were high and the rain stopped eventually. The roads were fairly muddy but absolutely rideable. We had such a good time! We explored a couple of primitive roads that were loads of fun, until they ended all of a sudden! The end of the road in this picture took Michael by surprise so he had to dump it in the mud! You can see how close he came to the edge of the road - it's right behind his hand; a sharp turn to the left and then...nothing! It was completely washed out. What a mess! But the bike fired right up and Michael actually seemed more relaxed afterwards.
The fog was heavy and the clouds were low so many times we couldn't even see the valleys between our road and the next mountain. It was like riding inside a bag of cotton balls. But every now and then a break would open and the sun would come streaming through, just as bright as can be. It was a wonderful day to be in the mountains with friends. We had lunch in Granite Falls and the Timberline Cafe and dropped an elated Michael off at his house. I hope we have many many more days of riding together!

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