The pictures!

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Departing... An OBDR sign - a
welcome sight, but scarce
Some fire damage - and the
road we just came down
Sometimes we rode along
a river...
...or traversed a lovely
meadow mountaintop...
...or traveled along a glade.
The Malheur River in
Oregon is lovely...
...but, alas, has no bridge! A gas/water/human-contact
stop in Sumter, Oregon!
Note those big smiles!
Lin gets our water the
old-fashioned way.
Lake Abert, near
Lakeview, Oregon.
Another view of this
lovely lake.
Mount Lassen, in
northern California... a volcano! It's hot down there!
Highway 4 twists its
way over Ebbetts Pass...
...past Summit Lake... ...and Mosquito Lake.
My buddy Jolly Jack in
the Musee Mecanique at
the Cliff House in SF.
Wrestling Santo! Stephen and Lester's
sumptuous garden.
I'll wear anything after
a few Cosmopolitans!
Beautiful Highway 1... ...and of course the
drive-through tree in
Leggett, CA.

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