We decided to go and see how far up the mountains we could get in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The weather was perfect - clear blue skies and it really wasn't all that cold. We bundled up and got an early start. We were especially happy because April 15th is the first anniversary of Lin buying her Kawasaki KLR650! The bikes were running great and we motored up to Granite Falls and out into the forest.

We turned around at this point, not because it was too snowy yet, but because some people coming down the mountain told us that it got a lot snowier up ahead. We figured, "better safe than sorry" and took the opportunity to turn around while we had it.

Of course, after taking this picture halfway up FR 41, my little digital camera ate its batteries, so although we had a long and wonderful day of riding in the mountains, I didn't get any more photos. We had to turn around eventually on almost every Forest Service road due to snow, but the weather held and the forests were lush and green. All in all, it was a 200-mile day, with approximately 70 of those miles offroad. No one crashed and the bikes ran fine all day. I'm sure looking forward to a long summer of offroad adventure!

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