I finally got tired of that old, musty closet in my basement. It used to be a darkroom and I'd been using it to store empty boxes. Last winter, I decided to clean it out and see what I could do with it. I pulled out the boxes and was dismayed to find three bare plywood walls, one raw cement wall, cement floors, and a plywood ceiling with a single bulb porcelain light fixture. There were bare-wood shelves mounted on metal brackets on two walls, and a horrible 2x4 shelf construction, floor to ceiling, across the back wall that was wedged in so tightly I had to completely dismantle it with a crowbar to remove it.

I spent days removing all of the hardware and miscellaneous screw from the plywood. But at last I'd had my vision of what the room would become: a wine cellar. To date, all of my wine had been racked in wood or metal shelves along the basement wall by the washer and dryer. My fear was that the cats would get rambunctious one day and manage to topple one of the units over. Having the wine safely ensconced in its own room would make me feel better. The room had heat running to it, which was a plus as it meant I could control the temperature in there.

Over the course of the winter, I painted, shopped, and sweated in that room. But my vision held true and at last I was able to unveil to the world the new home for my wine collection. I've never done anything like this before but everyone was supportive and helpful. It's just a small collection, so the 4' x 5' x 8' (tall) room was perfect. I hope you will come and help me drink my wine!!

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