I found this house advertised for sale on www.unitedcountry.com.

It's in kansas. I really like it but it would need a lot of work, according to the realtor. For one thing, we'd need to drill a well because the oldest son of the family whose grandfather built this house lives across the street on some acreage that the family is not selling and the well is technically on his property. I don't think I'd like living across the street from someone who had to sell me their ancestral home, you know? I'd feel weird doing stuff to the house. But it's a beauty!

Here's the realtor's description:

"10 acres and Southern Colonial 13 rm 2 1/2 bth, built around 1912, Natural Gas Well on the property supplies the house. This was the first known pond to spawn channel catfish, as published in the 1925 Wichita Eagle. Overnight stopping place of many weary travelers. Call for more interesting and detailed information. "

Isn't it terrific?!!

Dig that porch! No, wait, that's not a "porch", that's a "veranda"!

Mint Julep, anyone?

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