The Making of Mr. and Mrs. Bliss

This weekend I went to the wedding of two of my best friends. They live in Portland, OR and I drove down on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 16, 2002 from Seattle. Their families came in from all over the country: Jonthan's parents are from New York City and Lori's are from El Paso. It was a beautiful weekend and all the plans were going along perfectly. The cake was ready and transported home safely, the lucky couple's attire was ready to go, and the guests were arriving right on time. We went out Saturday night to Esparza's but all went to bed early in anticipation of the big day. Who could sleep?

Sunday morning eventually arrived and while Jonathan went for a quick bike ride (to burn off that nervous energy, no doubt!), Lori and I walked the dogs, talked girl-talk and began to get ready. Everyone came over around 1:30pm and we began dressing. Lori's dress was fabulous and while her mother did her hair and her sister did her make-up, I spent my time running up and down the stairs asking and answering questions. Finally, though, we were all out the door, headed to the park nearby to take photos. Just then it started to rain! But no one's spirits were dampened. John, a friend of Jonathan's, and Lori's mother took the photos, since I had forgotten my camera at the house - along with the bouquet and the money for the ceremony. Fortunately we had time to go back and get these things before we were due at the monks' house of the local Zen Center.

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The monks' house was lovely, and had a fantastic altar.
The happy couple were just a little bit nervous as the big moment approached.
But before you knew it, 4pm had struck and the ceremony began. The bride and groom said their vows and each recited a haiku that they had written for the other.
The monk declared them husband and wife. They exchanged rings...and then the kiss! There was so much happiness in the room - they were positively beaming.
John and I were handy as witnesses as they signed the marriage certificate.
And then we were off to a lovely dinner at Oba's! Lori and Jonathan arranged to bring their own cake.
The restaurant staff were very friendly about storing it and helping to cut it after dinner.
But not before Lori and Jonathan sampled it!

It was a lovely ceremony, a lovely wedding and everyone was so happy for them. Dinner passed in the blink of an eye and the next thing I knew, I was back at their house gathering my things to drive back to Seattle. I left Portland at 10pm, sad that I couldn't stay and bask in the happiness. But I had to work the next LUCK AND THANK YOU, LORI AND JONATHAN!

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