Nathan and I travelled to Walla Walla, WA on December 29-30, 2001 and visited our Aunt Helen. She was kind enough to let us photograph some pictures that she has. If you would like a digital copy of any of these pictures, just let me know!

Click on the small pictures to see larger ones. Email me if you'd like a fine-quality JPG of any of these.

Howard Elmer Santmire, circa 1909. He was 18 years old, I believe, in this shot. He married Bertha Brinkman and they had two daughters, Bernice Anna and Helen May. He died of the flu in 1918.
Bertha Brinkman, circa 1935, just two months before she died.
Bertha Brinkman, probably around 9 or 10 years old.
Baptism photo of Bernice and Helen.
From left: Warren "Sonny" Wilson, John Wilson, Charles Mizen, Charlene Mizen, and Sharon Wilson.
Bernice and Helen with their dolls.
Bernice and Helen with their dolls, a little later.
Aunt Helen's graduation photo.
from left: Charles Mizen, Charlene Mizen, Charles "Chucks" Mizen. I'm not sure what the cat's name was!
The house at 42 Blair St. in Tiffin where Bernice and Helen were born. I'm not sure who built this house.
The house at 46 Jackson St. in Tiffin which was built by Bertha (Brinkman) Santmire's father, Conrad Brinkman. Bernice and Helen grew up in this house. Bertha, Bernice and Helen are on the porch.
Parker Santmire and his "American" motorcycle. I'm not sure who the folks on the porch are (Parker's father died in 1898)
Howard Elmer Santmire, his daughter Bernice and his "Excelsior" motorcycle. Circa 1916.

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