Hey Everybody! Well, we did it, didn't we? It took a village, as they say, but what an amazing night that was.

Here are a few, okay a LOT, of pictures culled from everyone's cameras. We haven't developed the disposables yet, and a few digital portfolios are MIA, but this is a good start, we think! A big "thank you" to Nathan for patiently taking pictures all evening and for capturing some pretty good video, too.

So relax, have a cup of coffee, and take some time to check out a slideshow of the wedding or click here to view our album via Picasa, and remember the night that all of you made so very special for us. Honestly, if we'd known it was going to be that fun, we'd have done it years ago! As Al said to me that night, "Can we do that again, you think?". All I could say was "How about that cake?!".

Thank you, thank you all a million times for making us feel so special and loved.

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As always with my site, if there is a photo you'd rather not have out there on the public Internet, just let me know and I'll take it off the page ASAP.

Please join us at the Hall of State Museum in Fair Park, Dallas, Texas
at 7:30pm on Friday, January 25, 2008 for Our Big Day.
Reception will follow.
Why Dallas? Because that's where it all started. We began dating in Dallas in 1989.
What time is the ceremony? We're planning an 8pm ceremony, followed by a reception offering hors d'ouevres, refreshments, and dessert right there in the Hall of State Museum. We'll have until midnight to look around and learn all about the history of Texas together.
How do I get there? Where should I park my car? No problem. There are driving directions to Fair Park at the Fair Park web site, along with information about construction closures. Here's a handy printable map that has all of the buildings, gates, and roads clearly labelled. The most direct access is to enter Fair Park at Gate 2 from Haskell Avenue. You'll pass the Museum of the American Railroad. The parking lot for the Hall of State is right next door to that and is on "Washington Avenue" inside Fair Park. We will have valets waiting to park your car there.
What's the weather going to be like in Dallas? Beautiful. check out Weather.com's forecast.
Where should we stay in Dallas? There are lots of reasonably priced hotels in Dallas - Email me for help finding one that suits you, or search Hotels.com for a hotel near 'downtown' or 'Fair Park/Cotton Bowl".

  RSVP Details  
In order to conserve resources, we've arranged for RSVP Me Now.com to handle our guest lists.
Won't you please take a moment to let us know whether you'll be attending?
Just follow each of the links below. Thank you!
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*Not-a-Rehearsal-Dinner Dinner on Thursday, January 24th at Campisi's Restaurant in downtown Dallas.
*Ceremony and Reception on Friday, January 25th
(it's not necessary to enter email and snail-mail information into the RSVP site)

  Visitor Information  
What fun things are there to do in Dallas? Lots!!

We'd like to share some of our favorite causes with you in hopes that you'll be inspired to support their efforts to make the world a safer, healthier place. Truthfully, though, your presence at our wedding is the best gift we could receive. Please just come and share this experience with us!
  • The ASPCA Every city in the U.S. suffers from an overpopulation of cats and dogs. With your donation, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals can help unwanted pets find homes and can control the population of homeless animals by offering discounted spay and neuter services. They also rescue animals from inhumane treatment and help lost pets find their homes again.
  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary This is a no-kill sanctuary located in Kenab, Arizona. They do wonderful rescue work, even sending workers to disaster sites to provide local relief from hurricanes, drought, or even abuse/neglect cases. Adopt an animal for us and share with us the knowledge that one less creature is suffering today.
  • American Diabetes Research It's estimated that a full 7% of the American population suffers from diabetes. Thousands die each year from complications of the disease. While it can sometimes be controlled through medication and diet, a cure is not yet on the table. Let's find one together!
  • Our Amazon.com Registry Believe it or not, we do actually need a toaster and a hand mixer. If physical gifts are your preference, we have a few ideas located here. The shipping address is our place in Seattle, though, to save everyone the headache of carrying packages to and from Dallas on airplanes.