Technical and historical details about my 1974 Honda CB450k6

Tina was purchased in late 1991 and was my first motorcycle. She was brown and gold at the time and had high bars and a stock tail light. Before I even brought her home, I had to get help from Bobby Hawbaker to remove her ruined starter clutch. The bearings had come loose from their little niches in the armature and were ground to a fine dust which fortunately stuck to the magnetic armature instead of coursing through the engine's oil system. So she was 'kickstart only' until 1999 when I finally got around to replacing the starter clutch, armature and starter chain. By then I had rebuilt her several times and was able to do the job myself! After Michael and Bobby surprised me by buying and installing a set of Clubman handlebars on her for my birthday, I rode her happily for a couple of years. But after destroying and rebuilding the transmission (broke the 2nd gear shift dogs) and the top-end (blew a hole in a piston) and changing the head gasket, I decided that she had had enough. I bought a bigger bike for road trips and started fixing Tinaja up cosmetically. First, Charlie at Tanks Only painted the tank and side panels "inferno yellow". Then, Jimmy Huggler helped me build the tail light around a '59 Caddillac tail light lens that he found. The rubber knee panels on her tank are from the local British bike shop, Dewey's, and I think they're meant for a Triumph. Tinaja still runs great and is a real eye catcher!