Technical and historical information about my 1995 MZ Skorpion Sport.

Portia has the distinction of being my first brand new motorcycle. I bought her in December, 1995 at Moto International in Seattle, WA. I had been reading about this bike for months in motorcycle magazines. They all raved about this new German bike that had a Yamaha engine - with a 660cc single piston! I was so excited when I found that Moto was going to carry the MZ's, that I immediately sold the 1972 CB750K2 that I had spent months and months building. But I never looked back, that's how much in love with Portia I was (and still am!). She's the bike I rode to Alaska in August, 1996 with my best friend Lin on her Moto Guzzi. Portia's been knocked over once and dropped in gravel once and so has been repainted (thanks again, Charlie at Tanks Only!) a couple of times. Consequently, she looks as good as new and turns heads every time I ride her. The only mechanical enhancement I've made on her has been the addition of a Dale Walker Holeshot exhaust can. She really goes with the opened-up exhaust! And sounds terrific, too. I've had no problems with her mechanically at ALL, which is a testament to MZ's fine German engineering.