Technical and historical details about my 1956 NSU Superfox

Well, okay, she's not really that fast but she's strong. I bought this bike from Tim Fowler in Seattle. He got it from the brother of the guy who parked it in a warehouse in Ballard in 1964. The guy who parked it thought the clutch was ruined, but when Tim took it home 34 years later (1998), he discovered it was merely a bad chain. With the help of Phil at MSI and a guy in California who has NOS parts for these bikes, Tim replaced the piston and rings and cleaned up the valves, too. He then cleaned the carb, replaced the petcock and bought a new seat. I helped him install the rubber seat and in the process, I fell in love with the bike. He consented to sell it to me and it runs like a top. I have cleaned it up quite a bit but other than having the lock on the right-hand side battery box fixed and replacing the speedo (Motzke has NOS parts on line), I haven't had to do much to it. I have a manual and parts book, too, and a bunch of spare bit and pieces.