Technical and historical details about my 1976 Honda CB750k6

Bobby Hawbaker and I rescued Chuck from a field in Puyallup, WA. The owner was in jail and owed money to the person in whose yard the bike was languishing. So the owner sent the title to his friend with instructions to sell it at the price of the loan, which was $100. All this bike really needed was some TLC. A major going-through with W-2 freed up and cleaned out the carbs, and I replaced the air filter. The stock pipes were not usable, but I left them on until I started the bike for the first time, at which point all kinds of stuff came out the back, including little tiny mouse skeletons. Weird. Anyway, Chuck has 4-into-1 MAC pipes on him now. He needed a new battery and several sets of spark plugs, but quickly became my favorite highway bike. I put Clubman bars on him for the heck of it and with a new set of Metzelers (99's and 33's), we were good to go! I also found some Shoei white side bags at Chrome Spoke for cheap a year or two later. Chuck also runs great, but has a weak starter and an intermittent oil leak out the #4 valve seal. No big deal - in my garage you have to be more broken than that to get attention! I had the seat recovered at Ronnie's Auto Uphlstery.