Thursday, the Big Day

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Thursday morning, we rose early (naturally!) and had a big breakfast before driving out of the Park to Study Butte. There, we took a right-turn onto Indian Head road and followed a winding dirt road to a small parking area. To get to Indian Head Springs, and to see the neat petroglyphs there, you re-enter the park at a walk-in gate and hike an easy mile or so along the giant boulders beside Indian Head Mountain. The whole family went on this hike, and the kids especially enjoyed climbing on the big rocks. The Spring was in fine form, and we had fun looking at the garter snake in the water and finding frogs among the moss.

easy hiking to the 'glyphs

sample of the petroglyphs

just past the spring basin

examining the murky depths

yellow flowers
by the spring

deep canyon
looms above

snake in the water!

Tom's family at
the Spring

After having a picnic, we drove out to Terlingua Ranch to see the land that Al and I purchased last year. It was really pretty and we spent some time examining the different plants and bushes on the property. There aren't a lot of big rocks, so we discussed different building options, including hauling an old school bus out there, and we laid out general plans for the garden, quarry, cemetery, etc. I'm beginning to think that Al and I had better get another tract as our acreage may get pretty crowded with all the Dillingers on it! The views from the property are gorgeous all the way around. We drove to the actual Ranch, too, to see what it was like. As we drove, we checked out other people's property and how they had constructed their homes. All in all, it looks like a great place for our new businesses: Prickly Pear Pizza (delivery in two hours or it's free), Elixir Rocks (for tourists), and Elixir Energy, our new alternative energy consulting business.

Tract 8498

Mom stakes her claim

testing the boundaries (always!)

buncha scrub, but it's ours!

Returning to the Basin, we all pitched in and laid out our Thanksgiving Day dinner. Mom really set us up, cooking and baking beforehand, and bringing all the trimmings in tupperware containers. Dad boiled potatoes, Mom manned the microwave, and the rest of us tripped over each other laying out the utensils and dishes.

Ronna and Nathan brought four pies that they made together: apple, blueberry, pumpkin, and pecan. They were delicious! Jeanine also brought pumpkin bread, which was terrific. So we had dessert covered for the entire weekend. We had a joyful and noisy Thanksgiving feast and afterwards we talked for hours and played with Tom's kids. What a wonderful day!

Mom takes a break

Brooke and Grant

Dad + Nathan
+ fire = Dinner!

Nathan shows Grant how to eat

Ooh, the pies!

Dad and Brooke take a
timeout on the porch

Breakfast on the porch
(coffee, anyone?)

Ronna is sick but happy

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