Friday: Apache Canyon Day

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lunch at the
Canyon's Edge Cafe
my favorite spot

profile of Apache Canyon hike

small-scale architect's model of
our Terlingua house

We got up early (again!) so we could hit the trail to Apache Canyon before the day got too hot. It's a long hike, nearly 10 miles round trip, and we packed plenty of water and snacks. After a few minutes of indecision regarding where the trailhead actually was, we decided to trust a couple of cairns we found and struck out onto the desert floor. We bushwhacked a bit while Ronna and Mom tried to remember their previous hike on this trail. Eventually, we were overtaken by another hiker who assured us that we were on the right track and that we'd soon find a registration box. Sure enough, we found the trail, signed in, and were on our way! It was an easy hike and we talked and looked at all the cactii around us. None were blooming, but it was spectacular just the same. Beyond the canyon's mouth, we explored some mounds and looked at interesting rocks. The rangers told us that there are many 'ark' sites near Apache Canyon, but we didn't find any.

For the record, the Apache Canyon trailhead is at N 29 15.604' / W 103 22.334' (notation is WGS 84)


flat hike

we go that way

taking notes for our
Terlingua house

Nathan on the move

nice looking group of people

terrific rock colors

tip o' the canyon

Chisos from the canyon's edge

neat stone corral

the walls are four feet thick!

move back just a few more inches...


cool spider web

so healthy and green

pretty crystals

Aaaah! A ghost!

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