The Big Bend Ultra 10k, Stillwell Ranch, and the Tornillo Hoodoos

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Steam on the Rio Grande   We hiked out and the total distance was 9.1 miles, a good distance to cover. We all felt pretty good after the hike. We drove to Panther Junction where Ronna and Nathan registered for the race and then drove to the Basin Lodge for a nice lunch with a beautiful view of the Window. We set up our tents at Rio Grande Village, campsite #7, which is nice and grassy. Ronna and Nathan went for a light jog that night with all of our race clothes on and felt good. We went to bed that night hoping the wind would not show up again. Sure enough it did not, but there was frost on the tents the next morning.

By the time of the start of the race the weather was perfect, high 40's with no wind. Nathan and Ronna both had good races and each finished with personal best times. While they raced, Mark and mom hiked Boquillas and Mom even found a brand new hot spring for us all to enjoy.

Sierra del Carmens Starting the race Bouquillas downstream Mark at Bouquillas

Mom at Bouquillas Victor sings at Bouquillas Finished race!! Holding our trophies

After the race, Nathan and Mom headed back to Boquillas, while Mark and Ronna took showers and relaxed with the other racers. Once we all reunited, we spent some time looking around the Tornillo Hoodoos but quickly discovered it required more time than we had that day. We promised to return during a later trip and headed out to spend the night at the Stillwells Ranch. Nathan had brought along some really good logs for the fire and mom had brought along a mysterious fire starter made of wax and thread or something. Not sure what that was but in no time we had a great fire. Mom made pasta with sauce and cheese and foiled wrapped potatoes and yams and foil-wrapped apples for dessert. It was so yummy.

Hoodoo formations... ...more... ...and more! Nathan helping with dinner

Making pasta Sunset at Stillwells Mark pokes the fire Packing up

The next day we left our camping trip. We had fun handing out the ribbons Cheryl had sent along, and mom won most of the cooking awards. Ronna won "Coldest Nose," Nathan won "Best Navigator," and Mark won "Best Attitude." It sure was fun remembering our times along the way home and we all look forward to our next trip

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