Mom and Mark decided to hike Santa Elena while Ronna, Nathan, and I played around in Terlingua Creek. We chased minnows and watched the birds soar in the thermals above the canyon. It was a gorgeous day. Arterwards, we drove to Castolon to have lunch. While we were there, we met up with Tom and got to see the neat new (air-conditioned) Visitor Center they have built. It's really nice, with a great selection of books and some comfy chairs to sit in while perusing the guides. The people working there were also very friendly. Dad sent Mom and I on a hike to find the cemetary near Castolon but although we hiked several miles across the scrub, we never did find it. Someday we wll, though! Dad and Tom have been to it; we just must have taken a wrong turn. That night in the Basin, we explored a large burn area just off the main road, up through the canyon. It was a lightening strike but was very close to the Basin campground and we're glad it didn't do any damage. The cactus looked so sad all burned up!

burn in the Basin

quite a large area

so sad

but it's Nature's way

burned out yucca
look like pineapples

Casa Grande in the sunset


deepening colors

Our Chimney hike

elevation profile (mostly downhill!)

me and Senor Grande

(me again!)

That night, we had such high winds that it blew many tents down in the campground. All of our tents stayed put, although I think Dad's was making its best attempt to fly away! It was such a breezy morning that we decided to have breakfast at the Lodge. We had the buffet and it was okay, although I think we all prefer camp-food because we get to be more active, rather than sit quietly and wait to be served. We are not a patient family!

Dad's tent tries to escape

flowering creosote

big prickly pear patch

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